Ways to Get a Gig and Things to Remember as a Movie Extra

Ways to Get a Gig and Things to Remember as a Movie Extra

There are plenty of ways on how to become an extra for a movie or film, and among these ways would be through movie extra auditions. Basically, the job of a movie extra is to fill in the background of any film when the camera starts to roll. Since it would be empty to have a set only with actors who are talking to each other, directors would prefer hiring movie extras to make everything appear to be natural. Below are some ways to get in and things to remember once you’re on the set.

Ways to Get a Stint as a Movie Extra

Register with Casting Companies

These days, there are many companies that handle extras and refer them to directors who are in need of some. One of the first things that you have to do is to go and register with them. But you can only do this by setting an appointment with any representative. They can brief you about the important things that you have to consider and what requirements are needed from you.

Sometimes, these companies would require the applicant to pay for a registration fee, but not all of them should do. As much as possible, avoid those that would require you to pay a fee that would reach up to $25. The reason why they ask for fees is that they will provide you with different services such as looking for clients and posting your pictures in their directory.

Show Up at the Casting Directly

If you do not like the idea of working with a casting agency, directly showing up on the TV or film set would be an alternative choice. But this cannot be considered as a sure way of getting a gig. Most of the time, movie casting directors would seek assistance from companies who could supply them with extras. In case the extra that was assigned fails to show up, this will only be the time they would ask around.

Terms to Familiarize

Blocking. Blocking is a term that is used to indicate the placement of actors and extras in a set. If the director tells everyone to move and go over their respective blocking, it means that everyone has to be in the position that is assigned.

Marks. Marks are the areas or spots where you are supposed to stand in a certain scene. Usually, there are actual marks to indicate your position. Some of these are in the form of tapes while the others are in sandbags. If you fail to do what you’re told, the camera won’t be able to focus properly. Most of the time, extras are not given marks. But they still must know what the term is to avoid confusions.

Assistant Director. Basically, they will be your boss. They will be responsible for recruiting the extras. They can really be of great help for you, so be sure that you will do your best and have all your lines memorized.

Limitations to Keep in Mind

As a movie extra, you must know what things you should not do on the set, if you want to keep your job. On top of the list, you are not allowed to ask for autographs. Yes, you will be working closely with famous stars, but you must resist the urge to talk to them. As much as possible, you have to behave naturally. You must not be overwhelmed by their presence.

There are many things that should be avoided when you really wish to be an extra. But the most important thing that you must remember is to know the nature of the job. Once you are already aware of everything about your job, there are chances that you might be endorsed for more auditions.

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