How to Properly Start Your Movie Extra Journey

How to Properly Start Your Movie Extra Journey

Being a movie extra is a wise move. Through this, you will be acquainted with what is really happening on the actual set of a movie. As an extra, you will not have many speaking lines. Most of the time, you will only be a part of the background. However, do not assume that you are not important in a movie. Without you, the scenes would not be realistic and credible. But you cannot just take the movie scenes without going through the processes of getting to any auditions. Here’s what you should know to start your journey right.

Casting Agencies

Nowadays, casting and film directors would tap extras casting agencies when they need movie extras. Whenever an agency receives a notification or a call that they need extras, they would look at their database to see whether there are individuals who fit the requirements. For instance, a casting director orders a certain number of people to act as high school students. The agency will look for people who look young and book them immediately.


In reality, extras casting agencies do not hold any auditions. They just accept anyone who wants to become a movie extra. However, if you have special skills, there are better chances of getting more jobs. So upon registration, you have to indicate all your special skills and talents.

At any day of the week, registration can be done. As long as you come within the business hours, you will surely be entertained. Be sure to check for the information about the company ahead of time, so that you will know what requirements will be needed for the registration.

Sometimes, extras casting agencies will require the aspiring candidates to come in dressed in business casual. Upon arrival at the agency, representatives will then take digital photos and save it on their database. In case needed, you can bring with you recent copies of your photographs. Do not worry about the costs because these are often free, especially if you are dealing with reputed agencies.


Auditions for extras is also referred to as look-sees. Whenever your agent sends you to a look-see, expect that casting directors will choose those individuals who possess the right looks. In order to prepare for it, you can ask information from your respective agencies. They can give you an idea on how to dress and what to bring with.

Since you are going to be an extra, you will not have speaking parts. So you do not have to prepare songs and monologues. Just do as you are told. Extras who attempt to get the attention of casting directors by doing something that they were not supposed to do would only end up losing their job.

Being a movie extra is not that bad at all. There are plenty of opportunities that are being opened each day for you. If you are fortunate enough to be noticed for your exemplary skills, you might just have your big break. So in every movie extra audition you attend, make sure you always put your best foot forward.

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