How to Make Your Movie Extra Experience Flawless

How to Make Your Movie Extra Experience Flawless

Being a movie extra is just one of the many ways for you to get a head start on your acting job. In fact, many of your favorite Hollywood celebrities started out as a movie extra before gaining a spot at the center of the big screen. Being an extra gives you an overall view of how the movie industry works. Although this may not require much acting on your part, this is one surefire way to get yourself into professional acting.

Here are important things that you need to consider when you are being cast as movie. Always put in mind that you have to be professional even if you are working at the side lines.

Always Come Prepared

It is important that you have already made preparations before going to the movie set. Ensure that you have the necessary stuff with you like the documentation. Have everything ready beforehand as you do not have time to eventually get things done while the movie is already being shot.

Be Friendly and Engaging

Being a movie extra entails that you to have to face different situations that may be very unpleasant, which may on for longer hours. Take advantage of the situation by being friendly and very engaging. Aside from talking with your fellow movies extras, you can go approach some of the production staffers. The information you can get from these people will become of great use to you when you want to decide to audition for a lead role.

Being a movie extra could also be the perfect opportunity to meet some of Tinseltown’s best casting directors. Treat this as an opportunity for you to be informed of any upcoming acting auditions for future projects. Being visible and participative in the acting community will raise your chances of being picked for any upcoming acting jobs.

Try to establish connections. These connections might just be your lifesaver on your way to your future budding career.

Be Attentive

One of the important things that you need to do when you are a movie extra is to be attentive. Ensure that you are able to follow the specific instructions that will be given to you. You do not want to cause a bit of trouble or jam should actual filming begin. There are also times that acting auditions would be announced over the course of your stay. Be attentive as this will help you get another acting job for a movie.

Be Professional

Being extra does not entail you do the “extra” things. Always practice professionalism. It is indeed fun to be a movie extra, but always treat it as a job. It is still, in a way, an acting job. Filming movies entails big bucks and time constraints. If a day of filming is wasted, this means huge losses for the studio. Be professional. Do not be a big pain in the neck for everyone. Do your part the best way you can.

Bring Extra Wardrobe

It is good to always bring some extra wardrobe with you to the shoot. Get some information on what you should be bringing. Depending on the type of movie that they will be shooting, always have handy costumes ready with you and some makeup kit as well. Make a research on the kind of look and hairstyle that will fit the theme of the movie. You need to have the proper look and bring the right feel, even if you are just an extra.

Enjoy the Experience

Being an extra could just be the perfect opportunity to get you started with your acting career. Keep in mind to come prepared for the shoot. Be professional all throughout the filming process and establish connections with the right people. You practically have everything at your disposal that will help you become a movie actor or actress, so seize the moment. However, do not get too strained by everything you have to do. The most important thing there is that you enjoy the experience.

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