How the Journey to Landing a Role as a Movie Extra Goes

How the Journey to Landing a Role as a Movie Extra Goes

Many small talents wish to be part of the entertainment industry by joining auditions for movie extras. Indeed, it’s a wise move for those who want be easily recognized. However, becoming a movie extra can be quite difficult at times. Listed below are among the few things that should be done if you wish to grab a role.

Look for an Agency

Fortunately, there are many popular agencies that are based in large cities all over the world. Therefore, it would not be so hard for you to find one that is capable of handling you well.

These days, film shoots are around in almost every corner. Therefore, there are plenty of directors who will be in need of the services of the extras. Most of them would directly call for agencies who handle these small talents. Knowing this, you can try to research about the movies that were already done by your chosen agency. By doing so, you can avoid working with those who are not legit and reputed.

It would be best to work with those who have been in the entertainment industry for many years. Most of them have enough experience. Working with them will even boost your skills and improve your confidence since they already know what the industry is looking for. They will prepare you so that you will be ready for any role that may be assigned to you.


Once you have selected an agency, there are tons of paperworks that await you. You need to fill in several application forms, tax forms, and other papers that would prove your citizenship. Some agencies ask for a registration fee. But you must never deal with agencies who ask a fee, which is more than $30. If ever this happens, do not hesitate to withdraw your application.

Wait Patiently

As they say, patience is a virtue. Therefore, you must always stay patient and wait for the opportunity to come to you. Usually, it would take a few days before you will get a response. When this happens, use the time to get all the necessary details. You must know what role you might be taking so that you can prepare a proper attire. Moreover, you must not hesitate to ask about the compensation.

Maintain Professionalism

Once you get cast, you will be shooting with famed stars and personalities who are famed in the industry, and it will surely be an unforgettable experience. Thus, you have to be professional as well, even if you are taking a small role. You have to come on time and do your best in your scene. As much as possible, you have to be respectful and looking great all the time.

Be Paid

Once you are through with the shoot, you will then be paid by the team. Normally, they will send you check through mail. However, there are instances where they are going to give it to you personally.

Update Your Profile

If you did a great job, there are chances that they might as well call you back whenever they are going to need extras for another film. Hence, you must ensure that you get your profile updated so that people from the entertainment industry can easily notice you. Be sure that you stay reliable and friendly so that your agency will endorse you for more projects in the long run.

A movie extra may just be a small role. Even so, this job must not be taken for granted. The role might not be noticeable, but without these people, a film would look dull and empty. So if you get an opportunity to be one, treasure it and do things right. More importantly, enjoy the journey.



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